5 Most Dangerous Jobs In Las Vegas

5 Most Dangerous Jobs In Las Vegas

According to the National Safety Council, seven people experience job-related injuries every second. OSHA data suggests that approximately 14 people die every day due to workplace incidents. Injuries and fatalities are more prevalent in some industries than others. Here’s a look at some dangerous jobs in Las Vegas.

1. Protective Services 

Las Vegas has several clubs, casinos, high-end stores, hotels, etc. Such establishments require good security to keep guests safe and protect their valuables. Almost all businesses here hire security guards who place their lives at risk every day. Peace officers, police, and security guards can sustain severe injuries, and protective services have a very high fatality rate in Las Vegas.

The most common cause of these injuries is violence from humans and animals. Employees offering protective services need to have proper training and tools to prevent injuries. Good-quality bulletproof vests, self-defense equipment, protective headgear, etc., can help.

2. Transportation 

Automobile accidents are a leading cause of injuries, so it isn’t surprising that people working in the transportation field are more likely to become injured. Taxi, trucks, private vehicles, and public transport drivers are vulnerable to transportation-related injuries. Taxi drivers are far more susceptible than others because they have to face dangerous situations like robberies, carjacking, drunk or volatile passengers, etc.

Many are injured because someone attempted to steal their vehicle or demanded money. Truck drivers often get into accidents because of a lack of sleep or poor focus. They’re so intent on meeting their deadlines that sleeping and eating becomes an afterthought. Proper training, along with good company policies, can help prevent this from happening.

3. Roofing

Roof repair, maintenance, and installation are risky jobs. Roofers are likely to get injured even in ideal working conditions. For example, a tile can slip from under their foot and cause them to lose balance. Most use protective gear, but that doesn’t prevent injuries entirely.

Professionals in Nevada are also at risk of developing heat stroke due to soaring summer temperatures. Rooftop temperature can reach dangerous levels and cause problems like sunburns, dizziness, dehydration, etc. Workers need to avoid working on a roof when the temperature is too high to be safe. They should also avoid working during rainy or damp conditions.

4. Building and Grounds Maintenance

Building/grounds maintenance is a labor-intensive job. People who clean windows, fix electrical problems and clean hard-to-reach areas are most at risk. Window cleaners can fall from great heights, which can cause severe injuries if they don’t have proper protective gear. It’s not uncommon for falling debris to injure cleaners. An electrician can fall or get electrocuted on the job if they’re not careful. Exposure to mold, asbestos, and other such harmful compounds can also have serious consequences.

5. Construction 

Construction is one of the riskiest sectors, despite various safety precautions and systems in place. Workers are exposed to harsh working conditions, need to handle a wide range of chemical materials, and are always at the risk of sustaining injuries while handling heavy machinery. Some construction workers also sustain injuries due to falls and falling debris. In 2017 alone, around 971 people lost their lives while working at construction sites. You need to wear protective gear and be aware of your surroundings to avoid injuries.

No job is 100% risk-free, but you can reduce the chances of injury by taking the right precautions. Employers are responsible for creating a safe and secure workplace environment. They also need to provide good-quality safety equipment along with comprehensive training to minimize risk. OHSA and other such establishments offer detailed guidelines on how to improve overall safety.

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