6 Environments To Avoid With Possible Inadequate Security

6 Environments To Avoid With Possible Inadequate Security

Most people don’t realize that a lack of security can cause injuries and even fatalities. It is a property owner’s responsibility to ensure their building has all the necessary security systems needed to keep guests safe. Unfortunately, many cut corners and compromise on safety, which puts everyone at risk.

What is Considered Inadequate Security?

Adequate security doesn’t just mean installing CCTV cameras or hiring security personnel. Property owners need to make sure the environment is safe and secure. Here are some examples of inadequate security:

  • Poor lighting with many dark spots or areas.
  • Lack of security equipment or personnel.
  • Hiring unreliable staff and security personnel.
  • A broken lock, gates, windows, etc. that allow people to gain access to the property.
  • Poorly maintained grounds.
  • Little to no patrolling of the grounds.
  • Refusing to take additional security measures in crime-infested areas.

These factors actively compromise the security of a property and place visitors at risk. If you get injured in such circumstances, you can sue the establishment to get compensation for any trauma or injury you sustain as a result.

Areas to Avoid Due to Increased Security Risk

There are several areas you need to avoid if you’re concerned about personal security. These places are particularly risky to visit, especially if they’re in areas with high criminal activity.

  • Shopping Centers – Shopping centers often have poor security and a high volume of traffic, which makes them particularly risky. While most establishments have some manner of security, the arrangement is often insufficient. Establishments cut corners and don’t hire as many guards as they need to protect the premises. That’s why you need to check the reputation of the shopping center before visiting it.
  • Parking Lots – Parking lots are notoriously risky. Several carjacking, kidnappings, and assaults happen poorly guarded dark parking lots. It is a good idea to avoid them during late evenings or less busy times.
  • Movie Theatres – Movie theatres can also be risky, especially during late evenings when the establishment doesn’t receive as much traffic. Avoid theaters that don’t have proper security set up or have a poor reputation. If you do need to watch a late-night show, choose a theatre that has no record of criminal activity.

 Bars– Poorly lit premises, rowdy crowds, lack of security personnel, and alcohol can be a recipe for disaster. Most bar owners are aware of these risks and make sure their property has top-notch security, but sometimes they fall behind or cut corners. Never visit a bar that has a reputation for poor security because you might be at risk. It is also a good idea to go with a group of friends instead of going alone.

 Motels or Hotels – Most hotels have robust security systems because hotel chains want to avoid liability if anything goes wrong. However, cheaper and less reputable establishments aren’t as secure. Many motels and hotels don’t have functional CCTV cameras, proper room access systems, or reliable security guards.

 Poorly Protected Public Transport Locations – Public transport locations see less traffic during late evening and night. Being at these locations at these non-peak hours makes you an easy target for thieves. Some public transport establishments have a couple of security cameras along with a few security personnel.

That’s inadequate and places people at risk. Avoid transport locations with a reputation for poor security like stations in isolated areas or places with a high crime rate if possible.

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