6 Safety Tips While Walking To Your Car Alone

6 Safety Tips While Walking To Your Car Alone

We all walk back to our car in the dark at some time or the other. It could either be in an empty parking lot, garage or even an isolated street. In such moments, you must know how to keep yourself safe. Most crimes that take place in parking lots, garages, or alleyways are crimes of opportunity.

You must take some necessary precautions before walking towards your car, and see to it that you have a plan. Here are a few practical tips that will keep you much safer  while walking back towards your car alone at night:


1. Preplan the Walk to Your Car

If you’re in an unfamiliar or isolated place, like a hospital parking lot, or a far-flung part of town, you must know the way back to your car. It might even be useful for you to have a backup route in case your intended route doesn’t work out. This way, you’re prepared for the worst.


2. Choose the Right Parking Spot

When you park your car in a lot, see to it that you find a spot as close to the entrance of the building as possible. You should avoid parking your car in isolated corners of the lot. Predators linger in dark and hidden areas of a lot, so avoid parking in spaces that are hidden from other vehicles. In case the lot is empty, park your vehicle in a well-lit and visible area where pedestrians and other cars can spot you. This reduces the chances of untoward incidents.


3. Don’t Forget Where You Have Parked

Never forget the spot where you’ve parked the car. A dark and quiet garage isn’t really the place where you can afford to forget this aspect. You can make a note of the numbers on parking lot pillars where you have parked the caror even save the location on your phone. Remember the level, in case you have parked in a multi-leveled carpark.


4. Keep Your Keys Easily Accessible

Always keep your keys ready before you approach the car door. Avoid keeping them in your jacket or pants’ pocket. In case of an emergency, it’s always great to have your car keys handy rather than be unprepared. You can even attach your car keys to a key ring which will prevent you from dropping them.


5. Be Cautious

Carefully scan the surrounding area before walking back to your car. Always follow your instincts and if something doesn’t feel right, avoid heading to the car alone.  Walk in the center of the parking lot; it prevents surprise attacks from anyone that might be hiding behind a pillar or another vehicle.


6. Avoid Distractions and Be Alert At all Times

You should always stay alert and avoid distractions when you’re walking alone towards your car at night.  Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid wearing headphones or earphones as it prevents you from paying attention to the surrounding area.

Furthermore, you should also avoid texting or browsing the internet while walking alone at night. If required, you can make a call while you’re walking, however, see to it that you still have an eye on what’s happening around you. The best and most effective way to prevent dangerous situations from occurring is to be alert and aware of your environs.

You can even take a friend with you if you have to walk to an isolated parking lot at night. If you’re alone, you can ask a security guard from the residential building or commercial establishment to walk you out.

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