Common Summer Work Injuries

Common Summer Work Injuries

Workplace injuries can sometimes be very severe. Although you can count on workers’ compensation benefits, that doesn’t reduce the severity of the injury. Not all risks in the workplace are weather-related. However, some injuries are more prevalent during the summer months. Here are four of the most common injuries that workers face during summertime:


1. Slips and Falls

Although slips and falls are incredibly common throughout the year, there is a significant rise in their frequency during summertime. Large scale outdoor work and intense summer storms are the two leading causes of an increase in fall-related injuries. The only precaution you can take against this is to wear proper footwear and be alert. Employees who get injured during work are in most cases entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for their medical bills, loss of wages, and their injury.


2. Dehydration

Dehydration is another common problem that workers suffer during summer work. This makes it crucial for them to take steps to avoid it. Consume adequate amounts of water and electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Dry skin, headaches, and fatigues are some of the common signs of dehydration. Employers can be held responsible in cases like these, especially if the employees aren’t allowed sufficient rest.


3. Heat Stroke

Hyperthermia or heat stroke is a severe issue. A person’s primary body functions can shut down when exposed to extreme heat. There are few steps that can help employees avoid heatstroke. They should avoid working if there isn’t proper shade in the vicinity of the site and should always keep water on hand. Frequent breaks are crucial for employees who work in the heat, and employers can be held liable if the worker suffers a heatstroke due to inadequate rest time.


4. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although this seems surprising, motor vehicle accidents see a significant rise during the summer. This makes it essential for workers who drive for a living to be extra cautious.  Construction is probably the most significant contributing factor towards the increase in collision rates. Road work is carried out on a large scale during the summer months, resulting in an increase in accidents. Whether the accident occurs on the construction site or as a result of the equipment used, identifying who is responsible for damages in these situations is extremely complicated.


Safe Practices to Follow During Summertime

Besides these four common seasonal injuries, several other risks can result in injuries. Employers must take adequate measures to ensure the safety of their workers. The heat can be unbelievably brutal during summertime, especially for employees who carry out tasks in the sun. To ensure that their workers remain safe, employers should  focus on these things:

  • Provide an area where workers can cool off intermittently
  • Avoid allowing employees to carry out heavy work when the temperature is too high
  • Allow frequent water breaks so workers can cool off and regain some energy
  • Educate all employees so they can identify the symptoms of heatstroke. It will help ensure the employees don’t stretch themselves beyond a point and get timely medical help


Workers’ Compensation for Various Summer Work Injuries

Workers’ Compensation Laws are in place to ensure employers are responsible for providing employees with safe working conditions. Employees who suffer injuries during work or develop an illness as a result of performing work-related tasks are eligible for compensation. All your medical bills and disability payments are taken care of by Workers’ Compensation.

If an accident does occur while on the job, contact an attorney at Titolo Law. They have the experience and knowledge to handle workplace injury cases and will help you with every aspect of filing a workers compensation claim.

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