How To Stay Safe In Las Vegas During New Year’s Eve

How To Stay Safe In Las Vegas During New Year’s Eve

Las Vegas is party central almost every day, but it shines on New Year’s Eve. People from different places visit this city to have a great time and participate in popular events. Enjoy Vegas as much as you can, but make sure you’re safe.

The combination of dense crowds, alcohol, a party atmosphere, and carelessness can cause a lot of problems. It’s common for people to sustain injuries during New Year’s Eve, especially in places like Las Vegas. Here are some tips from the experts at Tim Titolo Brain and Injury Law, that can help:


1. Avoid Carrying Valuables

Many criminal elements are highly active during New Year’s Eve. It offers the perfect opportunity to snatch expensive jewelry, steal designer bags or purses, carjack vehicles, etc. Avoid trouble by making yourself a less tempting target. Place all valuables at home or store them in your hotel room safe. That’s especially necessary if you want to indulge in some drinking. If someone threatens you, give up the valuables if required, as the situation can quickly become dangerous.


2. Be Responsible with Drinks

Drinking is a part of New Year’s Eve celebrations. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a few drinks, especially if you’re in the company of trusted friends. But be aware of all risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

People get into accidents, stumble and fall, drown in bathtubs, wander into open traffic, or land in unsafe situations with strangers. Limit social drinking to a few glasses so that you can enjoy a pleasant buzz without putting your life at risk. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption in public areas as that sets you andpeople around you at risk.


3. Don’t Carry Prohibited Items

There are several prohibited items that a person may unknowingly bring to Las Vegas. Bear in mind that the following items aren’t allowed:

  • Fireworks of any kind.
  • Bags or purses that are big enough to hide explosives (Not permitted in the Las Vegas Strip)
  • Objects made from glass.
  • Weapons of any kind

Vegas hotels and casinos will provide information on how to be safe during celebrations. They will also provide a list of prohibited items if necessary.


4. Get a Designated Driver

Statistics indicate that New Year’s Eve is a dangerous time for drivers and pedestrians. There’s a 71% rise in DUI accidents between December 31st, 6 pm, and January 1st, 6 am. That’s an alarming statistic, which is why you must take all the required precautions to avoid accidents. Appoint a designated driver who will remain sober during parties. You can also book a chauffeured vehicle or use services like Uber, Lyft, or taxis.


5. Maintain Awareness

Always be aware of the surroundings and yourself. Look for suspicious activity, avoid strangers who make you uncomfortable, and never leave a drink unattended. Look out for unusual sensations like dizziness, fogginess, or nausea. Seek out a trustworthy person for assistance immediately.

Most Las Vegas casinos, resorts, clubs, etc., have security staff who will respond promptly. They will provide a safe place or call someone to pick you up. Most establishments will also call 911 if there’s a medical emergency. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance. Don’t leave with strangers, especially if you aren’t in full control of yourself.


6. Always Plan Ahead

Be aware of things like street closing timings, curfew for unaccompanied minors, traffic, etc. Make arrangements for transport early, create a plan for places to visit, have a proper emergency response plan in place, etc.

If you are injured during your Vegas trip, mainly because of someone else’s actions, get treatment promptly before calling a personal injury lawyer. Tim Titolo Brain & Injury Law will offer all the assistance you need during this time.

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