MGM Resorts to pay up to $800 million in Las Vegas Mass Shooting Settlement

MGM Resorts to pay up to $800 million in Las Vegas Mass Shooting Settlement

Tim Titolo is among the counsel of lawyers that secured the settlement of $735 million to $800 million in the Las Vegas shooting lawsuit. Over the past two years Tim Titolo served on the litigation committee.

Nothing can repair the lives that were lost and trauma so many suffered on October 1st, 2017. It was the worst mass shooting in Modern American history. The gunman opened fire at Route 91 Harvest music festival. He was in a hotel room at the MGM-owned, Mandalay Bay leaving 58 people dead. People were shot and killed, permanently injured, trampled, and experienced post- traumatic stress disorder from the events of that day. Even today, survivors and the thousands who are emotionally scarred still take to public forum to describe having to find a new normal that includes the physical pain and mourning they are still going through.

The gunman checked into the hotel with an arsenal of assault-style, high powered weapons and ammunition in 20 huge bags over a period of 3-4 days. MGM Resorts needed to be held liable for the negligence in security measures to prevent a catastrophic event as this.

The Settlement

In 2018, MGM strategized to sue 1,000 victims seeking to avoid liability. However, it wasn’t for compensation but for the courts to rule that it cannot be held liable for the shooting. MGM said it named only people that have already sued or given notice of their intention to. MGM’s legal maneuver was grounded on a federal law known as the Support Antiterrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies, or Safety Act. It was a strategy to immunize themselves and keep MGM out of state courts. After much litigation, the courts reached a settlement in favor of the 4,000+ survivors involved in the shooting making them eligible for payments via a victim’s compensation fund.

The payout process is projected to be completed by the end of 2020. It will provide fair compensation for the thousands of victims affected and their families. The objective was for the settlement to provide some relief for those affected, allocate liability, as well as urge the hospitality industry to reinforce their security measures to prevent mass shootings.

About Titolo Law

The attorneys at Titolo Law represent Traumatic Brain Injury cases, Inadequate Security, Vehicle accidents, death cases and more. For 30 years, Tim Titolo has served the Las Vegas community representing cases of all sizes. Titolo Law has secured many verdicts and settlements for cases in which disaster has occurred in response to negligence. Mr.Titolo also undertakes referrals from attorneys outside the state of Nevada and routinely collaborates with non-Nevada attorneys. For more information about Titolo Law, call 702-869-5100.

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