Leading Causes Of Brain Injury And Spine Injury

Leading Causes Of Brain Injury And Spine Injury

Brain and spinal injuries are dangerous. They can cause complications or compromise a patient’s quality of life significantly. Unfortunately, such injuries are also quite common, with around 235,000 people getting hospitalized each year due to traumatic brain injury.

Approximately 80,000 to 90,000 of TBI patients experience lifelong health issues like disabilities as a result. It is essential to understand the primary causes of brain injury and spinal cord injury to avoid them. Here’s a look at these leading causes:

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Accidents are a leading cause of both traumatic brain injury and spine injury. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for about 50% to 70% of all traumatic brain injuries and 38% of all spinal cord injuries. It is common for people to suffer whiplash, concussion, or even a direct hit to the head in such incidences. That’s why drivers need to be vigilant during driving.

The driver and front passenger are most vulnerable to head or spine injuries. However, individuals in back seats can also get hurt. Many motor accidents are caused because of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t get into a car if your driver is drunk. Don’t drive if you’re under the influence, either.

2. Falls 

Falls are also a common cause of head and spine injuries. The severity of your injury depends on the height from which you fall. For example, people who fall down the stairs are more likely to experience several serious injuries. People who trip areless likely to get seriously hurt.

Falls cause around 30% of all spinal cord issues, withsenior citizensbeing very vulnerable to such issues. It is crucial to stabilize an injured person’s spine immediately after a fall until they get proper treatment. This helps avoid further damage while improving their chances of recovery. Quick treatment can reduce the chances of permanent disability.

3. Sports-Related Injuries 

Sports and recreational activities account for about 21% of all traumatic brain injuries. There’s a lot of discussion among athletes and activist groups about the prevalence of head trauma in sports like football, boxing, soccer, etc. Sports alone cause about 9% of all spinal cord injuries.

Sometimes an injury isn’t avoidable, but you can take steps to reduce the chances of it. Make sure you wear protective gear and practice safe playing techniques wherever possible. Trainers should focus on teaching players to minimize injury risk through proper playing technique. Athletes should know how to fall, brace themselves, etc. Players should also avoid taking unnecessary risks.

4. Violence 

Physical assault and violence, such as gunshot wounds or direct impact, are also common causes of head or spinal cord injuries. Violence, especially gunshot wounds, cause around 13.5% of all spinal cord trauma. Being vigilant and avoiding violent situations as much as possible is the only way to avoid this.

Volatile confrontations can escalate quickly and can even lead to fatalities. Carry a personal protection item like pepper spray or a stun gun, as that can give you time to escape a violent situation. 

Other causes include military attacks, being in a warzone, and medical or surgical complications. Patients who experience any traumatic brain or spinal cord injury should get treatment immediately. Once you have received treatment, contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.

They’ll review your case, collect evidence, and help you get compensation. This is especially important if the injury has long-term consequences like a disability. If the trauma impacts your quality of life or ability to earn an income, get help from a qualified attorney.

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